Our Lady Fatimah(SWT) daughter
of the Prophet Muhammed (SAWS)


Fatimah SWT is the only daughter of the Prophet of Islam SAWS. Our Lady's mothers name is Lady Khadijah (R.A) the first wife of the Prophet SAWS. The only wife in whose lifetime the Prophet SAWS never married again. Holy Fatimah (SWT) is the wife of the Lion of Allah Imam Ali A.S. She is the mother of Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain A.S (The Chiefs of the youth of Heaven), Lady Zenab (SWT), Lady Umme Kulsum (SWT) and Prince Mohsin (The child who was killed by the sword of a muslim). Holy Fatimah (SWT) is also the ancestrol mother of 9 other Imams of the Holy Household. She is also among the five in the `Panjtan Pak'. Her appelations include `Zahra' and `Sayyidatin Nisa' (Chief of the Women). Her fillial appelations include `Umme Abiha' (Mother of Imam Hussain and Imam Hassan A.S), Umme Sibtain and Ummul Iima (Mother of Imams).


The light of Holy Fatimah's existence was made with that of the Holy Prophet SAWS much before the creation of the Universe. However visible existence came into being on 20th Jamad us Sani (5th year after the declaration of Prophethood) on friday. The year was 615 A.D. At the time of our lady's birth there were heavenly nymphs and pure women who descended from heaven to carry out the duty of delivery. These pious and pure women included:

  1. Lady Mariam daughter of Imran (mother of the Prophet Jesus)
  2. Asia daughter of Mauzahim
  3. Safoora daughter of Shoaib
  4. Kulsum sister of the Prohet Moses

Lady Khadijah on account of the delivery shows that as she had married without the consent of her tribe with the Prophet SAWS. The tribe had done a total boycott of her. However with the grace of Allah heavenly nymphs and pure and pious women did the delivery of our Lady fatimah SWT.

Fatimah SWT only Female Child

It is an established fact that the Lady Fatimah (SWT) and Prince Qasim Abdullah were from Hazrat Khadijah and the Holy Prophet SAWS. The difference arises between Shia and other sects that the Prophet SAWS had other daughters which were Zainab, Rukkya (Wife Hazrat Usman) and Umme Kulsum. It is a known truth that these three daughters were wedded to pagans. The names of which include Abul Aas bin Rabi. Refrence is available from Masudi's accounts. However this above information is incorrect. The Prophet of Islam would never marry his daughters into the pagans. These three daughters were actually the nieces of the Lady Khadijah (R.A). However as Lady Khadijah was a woman of dignity and high calibre, she treated her nieces gently and lovingly as though they were her own daughters. These nieces were called daughters of the Holy Prophet SAWS as Zaid was called his son. However in actual fact they were not Holy Prophet's (SAWS) children. When the Holy Prophet SAWS married Lady Khdijah at that time the Holy Prophet's age was 25 yeears. It is unanimously accepted that the Prophet SAWS had no children till the age of 30. It is also accepted that these three daughters were married before the revelations came. This means that the Holy Prophet SAWS in 10 years had three daughters married and also married them of. Certainly this is illogical and impossible. This proves that the Prophet SAWS had just two children. Qasim Abdullah (Died in Infancy) and Our Lady Fatimah(SWT).

Early life and Trainning

Our Lady was totally different from the rest of the girls of that age. Umme Salma was asked to teach Our Lady principles of Culture. However Umme Salma replied that what could she teach the model of purity and chastity and I myself would take knowledge and teaching from this Baby girl. Books written by various writers indicates that Our Lady's entire young age was spent serving her parents and praying to the All Mighty Allah.

Oneday when the Prophet SAWS was praying in the courtyard of the Holy Kaaba. The accursed AbuJahl (Uncle of Hazrat Umar) saw the Prophet in prostration to Allah. He put a tripe laden with compost of the camel on the Holy Prophet's back. When the news of this act reached the Holy Fatimah (SWT) she came running and removed the tripe of the Prophet of Islam's Back. Then washed the Holy back with water. On this occasion the Prophet (SAWS) said:

"Daughter! One day these enemies will be subdued and the lord will give my religion utmost superamacy."

It has been reported that Lady Khadijah (R.A) was preparing to go to a wedding. When she started to put her clothes on she was informed that Our lady had no clothes. This made Lady Khadijah (R.A) to be worried but when Our Lady got to know about her mother's anxiety that her daughter had no clothes. Our lady Fatimah (SWT) said :

"Dear Mother! I will go wearing old clothes, because father dearest says that the best jewellery for muslims girls is life of piety and absitence and the best decoration is modesty and bashfulness."

Our Lady's childhood saw great scantiness and diffculty. Those who gave trainning to the Queen of all Women were:

  1. Lady Khadijah tul kubra (R.A) mother of the Holy Fatimah (SWT)
  2. Holy Prophet (SAWS) father of the Holy Fatimah (SWT)
  3. Fatimah Binte Asad (R.A) (mother of the Lion of Allah, Imam Ali A.S)
  4. Ummul Fazl wife wife of Abbass.
  5. Isma Binte Amees wife of Jaffer Tayyar
  6. Umme Hani sister of the Abu Talib (R.A) of the Holy Prophet (SAWS).
  7. Umme Ameen
  8. Safiha daughter of Hazrat Hamzah (R.A). Uncle of the Holy Prophet (SAWS).

During the childhood of Holy Fatimah (SWT) the Holy Prophet (SAWS) used to make Our Lady sit on his lap and used to kiss her lips. Commenting on this action.Hazrat Ayesha said that the Prophet SAWS kisses the lips of Fatimah (SWT) and puts His tongue in the Holy mouth of our Lady. The Prophet SAWS to her comment replied.

"You dont know, when I went on `Miraj' Gaberial (A.S) gave me an apple in heaven. I eat that apple and though that the point being of Fatimah (SWT) was established. Oh Ayesha! when I long for heaven then I smell the scent of Fatimah (SWT) and from the mouth of Fatimah (SWT) enjoy the taste of the fruit of heaven".


Chastity Of The Queen of Woman

Chastity is not a quality which is asscoiated with a certain act or acts. Rather it is a gift of Allah and is an inherent quality given by the creator. This quality apart from being given by Allah to His Prophets, Imams and Angels was also bestowed on some other important personalities. Among those personalities the chastity of Lady Fatimah (SWT) stands out. As religous scholars are unanimous that the 124,000 Prophets and 12 Imams have been sent to guide them correctly. Similarly for the guidance of Women Lady Fatimah (SWT) and Lady Mariam (A.S) (Mother of the Prophet Jesus) descended from the heavens. The Prophets and Imams and these two women are infalliable. To there chastity the Quran is witness,

Death of Holy Fatimah (SWT) Mother

Our Lady's mother was Lady Khadijah. At the time of Lady Khadijah's death Holy Fatimah (SWT) was only 5 years old. At the death of Lady Khadijah (A.S) Holy Fatimah (SWT) was extremely depressed and saddened. During Lady Khadijah's death, our Lady would nurse Her beloved mother day and night. During this period of sickness whenever Lady Khadijah's face would brighten up Holy Fatimah would be glad and happy. However when Lady Khadijah's face due to her illness be withered Holy Fatimah (SWT) would be exteremely sad and perturbed. However one day Lady Khadijah (A.S) took Lady Fatimah (SWT) in Her arms and burst into tears. Seeing this burst of tears. Lady Fatimah (SWT) asked

"Mother dearest today your style of crying is unique."

Lady Khadijah (R.A) replied:

"Daughter! I am leaving you. Regret wont be able to see you as a bride".

Discussion was ensuing between the two holy ladies when the sweat of death started to appeared and Lady Khadijah (R.A) on the 10th of Ramzan in the 10th year of Prophethood of the Holy Prophet SAWS breathed Her last. Fatimah (SWT) was deeply distressed by the parting of Her Holiness's beloved mother. The Holy Prophet (SAWS) was even further distressed and saddened at this great loss. That is why the Holy Prophet (SAWS) named this year "Aam-ul-Huzan".

It is narrated from the Sahih al-Bukhari (Considered as most authentic after the Holy Quran by the Majority of the Muslims) (VOL 3; PAGE 419) that the Prophet SAWS in the memory of Lady Khadijah (R.A) used to send the meat of a sheep to Her Excellency's close friends.

Once Hazrat Ayesha said to the Holy Prophet SAWS:

"Till when are you going to remember that old woman who did not even have teeth in Her mouth".

The Holy Prophet SAWS on hearing this was furious with her and replied that He was fortunate to have a woman like Her. She had accepted the fate at the time when all the rest were pagans. She verified me when the rest wanted to falsify me. She used Her wealth at that time when the rest wanted to keep me deprived.

Migration (HIJRAH) of Lady Fatimah (SWT)

In the 10th year of Prophethood (SAWS) the Holy Prophet SAWS migrated to Medina from Mecca. The Holy Prophet (SAWS) on reaching Medina sent Zaid bin Hadsa and Abu Rafah to Mecca to bring Lady Fatimah (SWT), Lady Fatimah binte Asad (Mother of the Lion of Allah; Imam Ali A.S) and Umme Aiman. Hence these ladies reached Medina a few days later. In the 2nd year after Migration, the Holy Prophet (SAWS) married Umme Salmah. Lady Umme Salmah took the responsiblity of Holy Fatimah (SWT) and did Her responsibilty so well that she never made Our Lady (Holy Fatimah SWT) feel that Her Holiness had died.

Marriage of Fatimah (SWT)

At the time of the Birth of Imam Ali (A.S) the Prophet of Islam (SAWS) had given His holy word to Imam Ali (A.S) for His Holy daughter's marriage. However later on the Prophet of Islam (SAWS) had said : Except for Allah no one else would choose my daughter's dewelling. The demand of the conditions of the time, merits of blood relation and family piety there should have been no other suitor except for Imam Ali (A.S). However, Alas no one realises the importance of these merits. This is the reason that when Our Lady reached marriageable age. Hazrat Abubakr, Hazrat Umar and Abdur Rehman sent their proposals of marriage to the Holy Prophet SAWS. However the Holy Prophet SAWS turned down their requests. The Prophet SAWS told them that this decision of marriage would be done by the will of Allah.When Imam Ali (A.S) proposed the Holy Prophet SAWS gladly accepted. Surely Allah also wanted that Fatimah be married Imam Ali (A.S). The marriage was contracted by the arch angel of the All Mighty Allah, Gaberial (A.S).
(Narrated From Bihar Ul-Anwar)

Dowry of Lady Fatimah (SWT) given by the Prophet SAWS

The dowry which the Holy Prophet SAWS gave Holy Fatimah (SWT) was as follows:

  1. 17 shirts worth 7 dirhams
  2. A Veil
  3. A bedding made of the leaves of Palm trees
  4. A Black Blancket
  5. 2 rough mats made of sack cloth
  6. 4 pillows made of leather
  7. Handmill used for grinding Flour
  8. Basin for washing clothes
  9. A water skin
  10. A wooden Bowl
  11. A utensil made out of the leaves of Date trees.
  12. 2 earthware cups
  13. 2 long necked flasks made of earth
  14. A white sheet
  15. A leather mat
  16. Sprouted jug used for ablution

It must be known here that the Holy Prophet (SAWS) could have give His Holiness's one and only child an expensive and lavish dowry. However His Holiness keeping in mind the poor who could not afford lavish expenditures kept to a simple and inexpensive dowry.

The Marriage Procession

Fatimah (SWT) departure from Her Holiness's father's house was in a procession. The Procession lead Her Holiness to Imam Ali (A.S) house. On reaching the house of Imam Ali (A.S) the Prophet SAWS asked Her Holiness to bring His Holiness (The Holy Prophet SAWS) a bowl filled with water. His Holiness (SAWS) on recieveing the bowl filled with water blew over the bowl of water after reciting some supplication. After blewing over the water His Holiness (SAWS) sprinkled the water on Imam Ali's (A.S) head, chest, shoulders and then prayed to Allah to give refuge to Imam Ali (A.S) and Lady Fatimah (SWT) from the accursed Satan. After this short supplication , The Holy Prophet (SAWS) said to Fatimah (SWT) :

"Do not ask irrelevant questions from Ali (A.S). He(Imam Ali (A.S)) in this world is topmost and excellent. However He (Imam Ali (A.S)) is not rich".

The Holy Prophet (SAWS) turned to Imam Ali (A.S) and said:

"She is a piece of my (The Holy Prophet SAWS) heart. Do not do any such thing which would cause grievence to Her (Lady Fatimah (SWT))".

It is narrated from some books that in the house at the time of Imam Ali (A.S) marriage with Her Holiness Fatimah (SWT) there was only one leather piece . In the night their Holinesses slept on it and during the day the leather piece was used as a plate for the animals. On this leather the feed of the animals would be put .

Lady Fatimah (SWT) system of work

After going to His Holiness (Imam Ali (A.S)) house. Our Lady Fatimah (SWT) established such a system that is a model for all the women of the world to follow. Her Holiness (SWT) did all the household work alone. The work included cooking food, weaving, grinding the flour by the use of a handmill, sweeping and Trainning the two young Holy Imams Hassan (A.S) and Imam Hussain (A.S) and the two princesses Her Holiness Lady Zenab (SWT) and Her Holiness Lady Umme Kulsum (SWT). All these works our Queen used to do but never was there a change Her Holiness's temprament nor did Her Holiness (SWT) ever complaint to Imam Ali (A.S).Her Holiness Lady Fatimah (SWT) never asked for a slave girl. However when Our Lady (SWT) was given a maid in the 7th year of Migration of the Holy Prophet (SAWS) from Mecca to Medina. Her Holiness (SWT) treated the servant not as a servant but as if a close friend and associate. Oneday Our Lady (SWT) used to do the chores of the house and the next day Lady Fizza (The Maid of Her Holiness Lady Fatimah SWT) used to do the work. Hence the system was of taking turns at doing the work of the House. This system adopted by Her Holiness (SWT) made Lady Fizza feel like a part of the House and not as a servant. Actually this was a true example of the House of the Prophet (SAWS) system of equality.

Fatimah (SWT) and The Islamic Dress

Our Lady Fatimah (SWT) has explained clearly the acme of the Women. These acmes are staying indoors and obeserving the Islamic Dress. The Islamic dress code of wearing a veil and wearing such a dress which protects a women's honour and beauty from the gaze of male strangers. Today we see that by not observing the Islamic dress code muslim women open themselves to the lust of many unscruplous men.

Time has revealed to us that the Ahlul Bait (A.S) (House of the Prophet SAWS) has always tried to protect the humans especially the muslims from disasters caused by the people's own wrong doings.

The Holy Lady (A.S) who was well aware of these Islamic principles practiced these Islamic fundmentals most strongly. Her Holiness stayed indoors, wore a veil and maintained utmost privacy. In Her Holiness's house was a door which opened into the mosque of the Holy prophet (SAWS). Despite having this facility Her Holiness never joined congregational prayers behind the Holy Prophet (SAWS) inside the courtyard of the mosque. When the Holy Prophet (SAWS) used to give advice or lectures in the courtyard of the Mosque of the Prophet (SAWS) , Our Lady (SWT) still never came into the courtyard of the Mosque. Once it happened that His Holiness The Prophet (SAWS) put a question to His Holiness companions who were present in the courtyard of the mosque. The Question was as follows:

"What is the best thing for a woman?"

When Our Lady Fatimah (SWT) was infromed of this question . Her Holiness replied that the best thing for a women is that her glance never falls on a male stranger and the glance of a male stranger does not fall on her

When this answer reached The Holy Prophet (SAWS), His Holiness was rejoiced and said:

"----Fatimah (SWT) is a part of me (His Holiness The Prophet of Islam (SAWS)".

Ibn Al-Maghazili mentions in his book Manaqib that (His Holiness) Ali ibn Al-Hussain ibn Ali (A.S) said:

"Once a blind man asked for permission to enter Fatima's (Her Holiness) house but she kept a veil between them. The Messenger of Allah (SAWS) noticed her (Our Lady Fatimah (SWT)) actions and asked: `Why did you (Her Holiness(SWT)) keep a veil between you (Her Holiness (SWT)) when he cannot see you?" Her Holiness Fatimah (SWT) answered :` Messanger of Allah, it is true that he cannot see me (Her Holiness (SWT)), but I (Her Holiness (SWT)) can see him and he can smell my (Her Holiness (SWT)) fragrance.' At this, the Prophet (SAWS) said : "I bear witness that you are part of me". (Book `Fatimah the Gracious' Pg 187)

`Jihad' (Holy War) of Our Lady fatimah (SWT)

In Islam `Jihad' or Holy War for women as compared to men is different. That is why Our Lady never stepped into the battle field. Whenever the Holy Prophet (SAWS) would be injured. On returning home the Holy Lady (SWT) would wash the wounds of the Holy Prophet (SAWS) and whenever Imam Ali (A.S) sword would be drenched in blood. The one to wash the sword would be none other than the Holy Fatimah (SWT). Only once the Holy Lady (SWT) accompanied the Holy Prophet (SAWS) on Jihad. However this Holy War was totally spritual and had nothing to do with physical fighting. The name of the this Holy War was `Mubahala'. However it must be known clearly that also at this time all rules of segragation as instructed by Islam were fully observed by Her Holiness (SWT).

Holy Fatimah (SWT) and Principles of Housekeeping

Women are to master in the skill of serving one's husbands and in the principles of House Keeping. Holy Fatimah (SWT) served Imam Ali (A.S) so well that such an example is surely difficult to find in the books of history. In every diffculty and pain, Her Holiness (SWT) was obidient towards Her Holy Husband. The way Lady Khadijah (SWT) served Islam and the Holy Prophet (SAWS), similarly the daughter of the Holy Prophet (SAWS) served Islam and Imam Ali (A.S). This is the reason that as the Holy Prophet (SAWS) did not marry again in the life time of Lady khadijah (SWT) . Similarly Imam Ali (A.S) also did not marry in the Life time of Lady Fatimah (SWT).

Once Someone asked Imam Ali (A.S):

"In your opinion How was Holy Fatimah (SWT)"

Imam Ali (A.S) replied:

"By God She (Her Holiness) was the flower of heaven. Her (Holiness) fragrance sits around my heart and soul , even though She (Her Holiness) is no more with me."

In the Principles of House keeping Lady Fatimah (SWT) was Her Holiness's own precedent. Till the 7th year of Migration (Hijrah) Our Holy Lady Fatimah (SWT) had no maid . In the absence of a made as mentioned previously Her Holiness (SWT) used to do all the work of the House herself. Lady Fizza (maid to Lady Fatimah (SWT) came in the 7th Year of Migration of the Holy Prophet (SAWS)).However as soon as Fizza arrived rather than making Her feel a servant, Her Holiness treated Her like a close associate. Oneday work of the House was done by Her Holiness (SWT) and the next day by Fizza. Hence in the maintainence of the House employer and employee took turns. Once it so happened that Her Holiness (SWT) was grinding flour with a Handmill. Coiencedently the Holy Prophet (SAWS) that day arrived at Her Holiness (SWT) house. On seeing the scene the Holy Prophet (SAWS) said "Daughter! refer one of the chores to Fizza"

Our Lady humbly replied :

"Father dearest! Today is not fizza's turn."

Relations of daughter in law & Mother in law

At the time of Our Lady's marriage Lady Fatimah binte Asad (SWT) (mother of Imam Ali A.S) was alive. Usually it happens that relationship between mother in law and daughter in law do get tense and even extremely uncomfortable. However Our Lady Fatimah (SWT) adopted such a role that Her Holiness's relationship with Her Holiness's mother in law (Her Excellency Lady Fatimah binte Asad) were exteremely cordial and comfortable. There is no sign or even the slightest evidence that there was any tension or bad blood between Her Holiness (SWT) and the mother (Her Excellency Lady Fatimah binte Asad) of the Lion of Allah (Imam Ali (A.S).

The maintainance of relationship between friends, relatives, well wishers and attending social functions including funerals was done by the mother (Her Excellency Lady Fatimah binte Asad) of the Lion of Allah (Imam Ali (A.S). While Our Lady (SWT) took on the internal affairs of the Home which included cooking of food grinding of flour by a handmill, cleaning the house etc.

Her Holiness's children

Her Holiness had three sons and two daughters:

Imam Hassan (A.S)
Our second Imam was born on 15th Ramzan 3rd year of Hijrah(Migration).
Imam Hussain (A.S)
Our third Imam was born on 3rd Shaban 4th year of Hijrah (Migration).
Lady Zenab
Her Excellency was born on 11th Jammadi-ul-Awwal 6th Hijrah (Migration).
Lady Ummul Kulsum
Her Excellency was born in the 9th year of Hijrah (Migration).
Mohsin (A.S)
His Excellency died in the womb of Our Lady Fatimah (SWT) in the 11th year of Hijrah (Migration).

Her Holiness's Worship

Her Holiness said thousands of prayers. Her Holiness would pray day and night. Her Holiness accompanied Her Holiness's Holy Father in the 10th year of Migration of the Holy Prophet (SAWS) to the Hajj.