Fatimaas (AS) magnificence in Prophetas (PBUH) words:

   Prophet (PBUH) praised Fatimah (AS) frequently.  He said: Her father is sacrificed for her a lot and sometimes bended and kissed her hand. He bid farewell to her as the last person before going to a journey and visited her first after returning. Most of the narrators and Muslim of all schools with any belief have narrated this Prophetic statement: Fatimah (AS) is apart of me. Anyone who annoys her has annoyed me. On the other hand, the holy Quran states that Prophet (PBUH) never says something with carnal desire and all his sayings are revelational, so we obtain that this praising Fatima (AS) has a reason beyond emotions of a father and daughter. Prophet (PBUH) pointed out this fact himself and told the cavilers: Allah has ordered me to act like that. Or said: I savor smell of heaven from her.

   From another aspect, if we consider the Prophetic narratives and the holy Quran together, we will find our that anyone who annoys Prophet (PBUH) will have a painful chastisement, as the verse: Anyone who annoys Prophet (PBUH), will be away of Allahas compassion and will have a debasing chastisement. So, it is declared that Fatimahas (AS) consent and satisfaction is  Allahas consent and satisfaction and her anger is Allahas anger, saying precisely, she is the symbol of Allahas consent and anger, because it is impossible that someone does something annoying Fatimah and so annoys Prophet and deserves divine punishment, but Allah is pleased with him. Another point that is obtained considering this narrative and verses of the holy Quran is that Fatima (AS) is satisfied and becomes consent only by passing the truth way and she becomes angry only for deviating from the truth way, and carnal desires and emotions are not determinant in her consent and anger, because that would be against Allahas justice to punish someone on oneas desires or emotions.