Islamic Laws

Table of Contents

Taqlid ( Imitation ): Following a Mujtahid


Pure and Mixed Water

Kurr ( Stagnant ) water

Under-Kurr Water

Running Water

Rain Water

Well Water

Rules Regarding Waters

Rules concerning Use of Lavatory

Istibra ( Purification)

Mustahab ( Recommended ) and Makrooh ( Disaproved )

Najis (Impure) Things

Urine and Faeces


Dead Body


Dogs and Pigs


Alcoholic Liquor

Beer (Fuqa')

Sweat of an Animal Who Persistently Eats

Ways of Proving Najasat

How a Pak (Pure) Thing Becomes ( impure ) Najis

Rules Regarding Najasaat ( Impures )

Mutahhirat ( Purification Agents )



The Sun

Transformation (Istihala)

Change (Inqilab)

Transfer (Intiqal)


Subjection (Taba'iyat)

Removal of original najasat

Confining (Istibra) of animal which feeds on najasat

Disappearance of a Muslim

Draining of blood from the slaughtered animal

Rules About Utensils

Wudhu ( Ablution )

Wudhu By Immersion (Wudhu Irtimasi)

Recommended Supplications

Condition for the Validity of Wudhu

Rules Regarding Wudhu

Things for which Wudhu is Obligatory

Things which Invalidate

Jabira Wudhu (With bandage ablution)

Ghusl: Obligatory Baths

Rules Regarding Janabat

Forbidden Acts for those in Janabat

Things which are Makrooh for Junub

Ghusl for Janabat ( Impure: this comes as a result of having a sexual intercourse or the emission of sperms)

Tartibi (Sequential or regular)

Irtimasi (By submerging
the whole body).

Rules About Ghusl

Kinds of Blood Seen by Women

Istihaza( Vaginal bleeding ,other than menstruation )

Rules of Istihaza

Hayz( Menstruation or mense )

Rules for the Haaez

Types of Women in Hayz

Some Further Details About Haaez

Women having the habit of time

Women having the habit of duration

Various Rules Related
to Hayz

Nifas( Puerperium : postpartum period )

Ghusl for Touching a Dead Body

Rules Related to a Dying Person

Rules to Follow After the Death

The Obligation of Ghusl, Kafan, Namaz and Dafn

The Method of Ghusl of

Rules Regarding Kafan( Burial of the dead body )

Rules of Hunut

Rules of Namaz-e-Mayyit

Method of Namaz-e-Mayyit

Mustahab Acts of Namaz-e-Mayyit

Burial of the Dead Body

Namaz-e-Wahshat( The first night departure )


Mustahab Ghusls


Things on which Tayammum is Allowed

Method of Performing

Orders Regarding Tayammum

Rules of Namaaz

Obligatory Namaz

Obligatory Daily Namaz

Time for Zuhr and Asr Prayers


Time for Maghrib and Isha Prayers

Time for Fajr Prayers

Rules Regarding Namaz Times

The Prayers which should be Performed in Sequence

Mustahab Prayers

Daily Nafilah Prayers

Ghufayla Prayers

Rules of Qibla

Covering the Body in Prayers

Conditions for Dress Worn during Prayers

Place where Namaz should be prayed

Mustahab Places for Offering Prayers

Places where Offering Prayers is Makrooh

Rules Regarding a Mosque

Adhan and Iqamah

Obligatory Acts Relating to Namaz


Takbiratul Ehram

Qiyam (To Stand)




Things on which Sajdah
is Allowed

The Mustahab and Makrooh Things in Sajdah

Obligatory Sajdahs in the Holy Qur'an


Salam in the Prayers

Tartib (Sequence)

Muwalat (Maintenance of Succession)


Translation of Prayers

Things which Invalidate Prayers

Things which are Makrooh in Prayers

Occasions when Obligatory Prayers can be Broken

Doubts in the Prayers

Doubts Which Make Prayers Void

Doubts Which May Be Ignored

Doubts About an Act Whose Time of Performance has Passed

Doubt After the Salam

Doubt After the Time of Namaz has passed

One Who Doubts Too Much

Doubt in Mustahab Prayers

Doubts Which Are Valid

Method of Offering Namaz-e-Ihtiyat

Sajdatus Sahv (Sajdah for Forgotten Acts)

The Method of Offering Sajdatus Sahv

Qadha of the Forgotten Sajdah and Tashahhud

Addition and Omission of the Acts and Condition of Prayers

Prayers of a Traveller

Qadha Prayers of a Father is Obligatory on the Eldest Son

Congregational Prayers

Qualification of an Imam of Congregational

Rules of Congregational

Guidelines for Imam and the Follower

Things which are Makrooh in Congregational Prayers


Method of Offering Namaz-e-Ayaat

Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha Prayers

Hiring a Person to Offer Prayers


Niyyat for Fasting

Things which make a Fast void

Eating and Drinking

Sexual Intercourse

Istimna (Masturbation)

Ascribing Lies to Allah and His Prophet

Letting Dust Reach One's Throat

Immersing One's Head in Water

Remaining in Janabah or Haidh or Nifas until Fajr Time



Rules Regarding Things which Invalidate a Fast

Things which are Makrooh while Fasting

Obligatory Qadha Fast and Kaffarah

Kaffarah for Fast

When it is Obligatory to
Observe Qadha only

Rules Regarding Qadha

Fasting by a Traveller

People on whom Fasting is Not Obligatory

Method of Ascertaining the First Day of a Month

Haraam and Makrooh Fasts

Mustahab Fasts

Mustahab Precautions


Profit from Earning



When Halal Property gets mixed up with Haraam

Gems obtained by Sea Diving

Spoils of War

Land Purchased by a Zimmi from a Muslim

Disposal of Khums


Zakat of Wheat, Barley,
Dates, and Raisins

Minimum Taxable Limit of Gold

Taxable Limit of Silver

Zakat payable on Camel, Cow, and Sheep

Minimum Taxable Limit of Camels

Minimum Taxable Limit
of Cows

Taxable Limit of Sheep (including Goats)

Zakat on Business Goods

Disposal of Zakat

Qualifications of those
Entitled to Receive Zakat

Intention of Zakat

Miscellaneous Rules of

Zakat of Fitrah

Disposal of Fitrah

Miscellaneous Matters
Regarding Fitrah



Rules Regarding Purchase and Sale

Mustahab Acts

Makrooh Transactions

Haram Transactions

Conditions of a Seller and a Buyer

Conditions Regarding Commodity and what is Obtained i? Exchange

Formula of Purchase and Sale

Purchase and Sale of Fruits

Cash and Credit

Conditions for Contract by Advance Payment

Laws Regarding Advance Payment Contract

Sale of Gold and Silver
against Gold and Silver

When One Has a Right
to Cancel a Transaction

Miscellaneous Rules

Laws of Partnership

Orders Regarding

Rules Regarding Lease/Rent

Conditions Regarding the Property Given on Lease

Conditions for the Utilisation of the Property Given on Lease

Miscellaneous Rules Relating to Lease/Rent

Rules Regarding Ju'ala (Payment of Reward)

Rules Regarding Muzari'ah

Rules Regarding Musaqat and Mugharisa

Persons who have no Right of Disposal or Discretion over their Own Property

Rules Regarding Agency (Wakalat)

Rules Regarding Debt or Loan

Rules Regarding Hawala (Transferring the Debts etc.)

Rules Regarding Mortgage (Rahn)

Rules Regarding Surety

Rules Regarding Personal Guarantee for

Rules Regarding Deposit or Custody or Trust

Rules Regarding Borrowing, Lending (Ariyat)


Marriage Formula

The Method of Pronouncing the Marriage Formula

Conditions of Pronouncing Nikah

Occasions When Husband or Wife Can Nullify Nikah

Women with Whom Matrimony is Haraam

Rules Regarding Permanent Marriage

Mut'ah (Temporary Marriage)

Looking at Non-Mahram

Miscellaneous Rules Concerning Marriage

Rules Regarding Suckling a Child

Conditions of Suckling which Causes to be Mahram

How to Breast Feed a Child

Miscellaneous Rules Regarding Nursing a Child


Iddah of Divorce (The Waiting Period after Divorce)

Iddah (Waiting Period) of a Widow

Irrevocable and Revocable Divorce

Orders Regarding Return (Ruju')

Khula' Divorce or Talaqul Khula'

Mubarat Divorce

Various Rules Regarding Divorce

Usurpation (Ghasb)

Rules of the Lost Property when Found

Slaughtering and Hunting of Animals

Method of Slaughtering

Conditions of Slaughtering Animals

Method of Slaughtering a Camel

Mustahab Acts while Slaughtering Animals

Makrooh Acts while Slaughtering Animals

Hunting with Weapons

Hunting with a Retriever
(Hunting Dog)

Hunting of Fish and Locust

Rules of Things Allowed to Eat and Drink

Eating Manners

Acts which are unworthy to do while taking a meal

Manners of Drinking Water

Vow and Convenant

Rules Regarding Oath (Qasam)

Rules Regarding Waqf

Rules Regarding Will (Wasiyyat)


Inheritance of the First Group

Inheritance of the Second Group

Inheritance of the Third Group

Inheritance by the Husband and the Wife

Miscellaneous Rules of Inheritance