Current Legal Issues
A Code of Practice For Muslims in the West
Hajj Rituals
Additions to the book 'Hajj Rituals'
Islamic Laws
Jurisprudence Made Easy
Researches on Usoul
Contemporary Legal Rulings in ShiŽi Law
Simplified Islamic Laws
A treatise on the rule of  'La Dharar wa la Dhiraar'

Explanation of the book 'Urwatul Wuthqa' in many volumes
Minhaj Al-Salehin
Al-Bohoth Al-Osoulia - a book discussing about principles of juriprudence
The book of Qadhaa' (judgment)
The book of Sale and Choices
A treatise on doubtful clothes
A treatise on the rule of 'Yadd' (hand)
A treatise on the traveller's prayers
A treatise on the rule of 'tajaawuz' & 'Faraagh'
A treatise on 'Qiblah'

A treatise on 'Taqiyyah' (precaution)
A treatise on the rule of 'ilzam' (obligation)
A treatise on ijtihad & imitation
A treatise on 'Rebae'
A treatise on that the correspondence of ibn abi `Umayr is reliable
A treatise on the past methods in regard to the reliable narrations
A criticize on the treatise titled 'The correction of Chains' of Ardebeeli
An explanation on the book titled 'Mashyakhat al-Tahthibayn'
al-Fawaed Al-Rejalea
Laws of Youngs

A treatise on lottery rule
Al-fawaed Al-Gharawiah
A treatise on the Holy Book's protection from alteration
Al-fawaed Al-Fiqhiya
A treatise on the history of the compilation of hadiths (traditions)
A treatise in which the relation of the book Elal-ul-Sharaaye (Causes of Religious Laws) with Fazl bin Shazaan has been investigated
A treatise on the ruling of where two Jurisprudents who are equal in rank differ in a Fatwa
Comments on the book, 'Urwatul Wuthqa'
A treatise on differences of horizons in Crescent seeing
An explanatory account of Rijal (distinguished men) of the book, 'Man La Yahzarohul Faqih.'